Iowa Office of Ombudsman

My issue is currently in court. Can the Ombudsman help?

If your issue is current in court, we will likely decline to accept your complaint for several reasons:

  1. We do not want to overlap or duplicate resources being used to address your complaint, where a resolution can be attained through other means.
  1. We act in some ways as an alternative to the judicial process by informally resolving disputes with government. Unlike a court, we do not have enforcement authority whereby we can compel an agency to do something. For this reason, it may serve you better to have the court address your matter.
  1. We do not have jurisdiction over the courts and cannot overturn a court decision. Any findings from our office cannot alter the court action. 
  1. Our staff cannot be compelled to testify about a case involving our official duties, making a separate investigation by our office of limited utility.


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