Iowa Office of Ombudsman


Services we Offer

  • Investigate a complaint against an agency, official or employee of Iowa state and local government independently and impartially, and in a confidential manner, to the extent possible as provided by law.
  • Work with an agency to attempt to resolve a problem when an investigation shows that the agency has acted contrary to law, unreasonably or unfairly, or has made a mistake.
  • Make recommendations to agencies for administrative or policy changes, when appropriate.
  • Make recommendations to the Iowa General Assembly for legislation, when appropriate.
  • Answer questions relating to government or refer a person to suitable agency or entity for answers.


Services we cannot provide

  • Investigate the acts of the Iowa General Assembly or its legislative agencies and employees.
  • Investigate the acts of the Governor or of the Governor's personal staff.
  • Investigate or review the acts or decisions of courts or judges or staff of the judicial system.
  • Investigate agencies which are established pursuant to interstate compacts and answerable to more than one state.
  • Investigate complaints of employees of agencies of government regarding the employment relationship with the agency.
  • Investigate agencies of the federal government.
  • Investigate actions between private parties which do not involve agencies of state or local government.
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