Iowa Office of Ombudsman

What the Iowa Office of Ombudsman Can Do

We investigate complaints against agencies or officials of state and local governments in Iowa. We work with agencies to attempt to rectify problems when our investigation finds that a mistake, arbitrary, or illegal action has taken place. 

We have unique statutory authority to investigate and determine if an action was fair or reasonable, even if in accordance with law. We often can speed up official responses from agencies. We perform this service, without a fee, in an independent and, when appropriate, confidential manner.

We have access to state and local government’s facilities and confidential records to ensure a complete review of facts regarding a complaint.

Not Sure? Contact Us!

Please contact us directly if you don’t think it would be appropriate for us to require you to go through an available complaint or review process before we consider your complaint. We can consider your specific circumstances before we decide – including the urgency of your complaint or any disabilities or barriers you may be experiencing.

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