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File a Whistleblower-Retaliation Complaint

For purposes of an Ombudsman investigation under Iowa Code § 2C.11A, a whistleblower is an employee who has reported agency actions that they reasonably believe demonstrate a violation of law or rule, mismanagement, a gross abuse of funds, an abuse of authority, or that present a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety. 


If you believe you were retaliated against for blowing the whistle, you may fill out this form. For more information about the Ombudsman’s role in whistleblower-retaliation complaints, click here.


Use the complaint form below to file a whistleblower-retaliation complaint with the Ombudsman’s Office.

Note: The Ombudsman typically keeps the identities of complainants confidential when it is possible to investigate a complaint without naming the complainant.

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